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My horticultural journey began when I moved to Ithaca NY as a college student, and started my first tiny vegetable garden. It’s been a long and winding path since then, and in addition to other garden-related jobs I started organizing horticultural tours to Ireland – a beautiful country my husband and I were lucky to live in for almost five years. We explored Ireland in depth when we lived there, and with this insider’s view I can provide unique itineraries that visit the most unusual and unique gardens and wild areas in Ireland.

I also offer custom landscape design and consultation services in the Ithaca, NY area. Please feel free to contact me using the contact form if you have any questions about the Ireland garden tours, or would like to discuss a garden consultation.

“Thank you for a wonderful and inspiring tour of gardens, castles, museums, ruins, and natural preserves in Ireland!  From the Burren to Seed Savers to Mary Reynold’s Celtic Garden to the Black Fort to local music sessions, it was a fascinating excursion of noteworthy places in the west of Ireland.”

Kip W.

“I had a great time with Chrys on her garden tour of Ireland. I was able to experience Ireland through her eyes and saw sites that I would not have seen on a traditional tour. I loved visiting the Irish Seed Savers and hearing the history of how they began. They work hard preserving seeds … Continue reading Cathy J.

Cathy J.

“I want to thank you so much for all of your hard work on this maiden voyage to explore Ireland in County Clare!  It was spectacular!  You did an amazing job of putting together such a great array of gardens, castles, villages, ruins, hotels, and restaurants!  I loved every minute!”

Carol M.

“I had a great trip!  I enjoyed all aspects of it, especially the people on the tour, and everything Irish.”

Bruce J.

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2020 Ireland Garden Tour – Details and Itinerary