Botanical Illustration

Several years ago I started taking botanical illustration courses during the slower winter months. Drawing and painting flowers, plants, and even fruits and vegetables, has been a really enjoyable way to stay connected to the beauty of plants during our cold and snowy upstate New York winters.

Whether you are a total beginner or an experienced artist, I highly recommend the online drawing and painting courses offered by Cornell University’s horticulture section. You can learn more about these courses at the homepage for the online horticulture courses here:

There are also many excellent painting tutorials on youtube.

Daffodils – watercolor
Still life – pencil
Bittersweet vine – watercolor
Lemons study – watercolor
Winter pods – ink wash
Winter pods study – pen and ink
Winter pods study – pen and ink
Spruce cone – colored pencil
Onions study – watercolor
Hellebore – watercolor
Poppy bouquet – watercolor
Bromeliad, Onion and Garlic – Ink wash