Garden Consultation and Design

Ecological Garden Design and Consultation, specializing in:

Bird and pollinator-friendly landscapes

Deer-resistant plantings

Edible landscaping and food gardening

Organic and permaculture techniques

Raised beds and stone walkways 

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“Thank you for a wonderful and inspiring tour of gardens, castles, museums, ruins, and natural preserves in Ireland!  From the Burren to Seed Savers to Mary Reynold’s Celtic Garden to the Black Fort to local music sessions, it was a fascinating excursion of noteworthy places in the west of Ireland.”

Kip W.

“I had a great time with Chrys on her garden tour of Ireland. I was able to experience Ireland through her eyes and saw sites that I would not have seen on a traditional tour. I loved visiting the Irish Seed Savers and hearing the history of how they began. They work hard preserving seeds from all over the world and their evolving story of growth gave me hope for the future. If you book a tour with Chrys, you will be getting the best experience around.”

Cathy J.